About me


Hi, I’m Jyot, a big knowledge seeker, outgoing & openminded. Previously, a full time mother. I’m currently working on an educational project about international studies i.e. international pathway programs, to be proposed mainly for afterschool studies.

I have a background in engineering. After achieving my undergraduate degree in Electronics & Communication. I was given the opportunity to work with one of the Indian leading corporation. But lately, It was time to change. So, I had decided to start a new life as an MBA.

In the year, I got my masters; same year I also got promoted in my martial status. Ergo, I have decided to stay at home to give more time to our marriage. It comes as a part of ‘meant to be together’. Then, eight years passed like this. We are blessed with a son.

While carrying the responsibilities as a homemaker; I did B.Ed., a dietician course and learned yoga. That help me immensely one way or other. Eventually it dawned upon me what exactly I wished my life to be like? What I am trying to accomplish & Why?

While looking for these Whats & Whys, I reached the conclusion i.e. How would I bring fulfillment in my life? Accordingly I got the light in positivity and in gratitude.

I am interested in how people make deep connections with each other through learning – mostly online. Now, this is my effort to connect and share my life experiences with the world.