Power of Words and Actions

We all are made with our own unique strengths and abilities. Everyday we make choices in how we interact with others. We make choices to see some people as friends and others as enemies. We won’t get the life we wish for, we get the life we work for. I am going to narrate a story regarding the ‘Power of Words and Actions’ it’s inspired by Gurbani- The holy book.

‘A proud lion sitting in the forest, decided to go for a hunt. While roaming stealthily he spotted a flock of goats. As he pounced to grab one all the goats scattered; leaving only the mother goat to get caught. But just the lion was about the eat her, she began to laugh loudly. The lion was stunned. He asked the goat, “Why are you laughing when I’m about to eat you?” The goat replied: I pray that all my children become sterile so that no more goats may be born to suffer the way I am going to suffer. I’ve hurt no one in my life. I spend my day only eating wild plants and grass, and yet I am about to be skinned and eaten. I laugh when I think about your fate. What will happen to someone like you who grabs the throat of others and devours their flesh? The lion understood what the goat was saying.’

Well, when was the last time you killed someone? Killed someone’s spirit with your words, your actions, with what you chose to do to them, or not to do. To some we show kindness, love, compassion and we go out of our way to make them happy, but then there are others to whom we are rude and unkind. We show arrogance and pride because we think that we’re better than them.

We all have a choice at every moment to act like the proud lion, to vicious, brutal and self-absorbed. Or we can be kind, thoughtful and considerate like the humble goat. Humility is not a characteristic that many people aspire to have. We’re taught by society that to succeed in life is to put yourself first.

The goat’s final message to the lion was that the end of the day we’re all on this earth for a short while but when we’re both dead who’s actions will be remembered and respected? The deeds of the arrogant or the actions of the kind?


It Doesn’t Get Easier. You Just Get Stronger!

This blog is to help all farmers across India and not just Sikh farmers because there are way more small time Non- Sikh farmers in India that also stand to lose their livelihoods to these bills. This is a protest for the FARMERS only and not for any other campaign etc.!

No Farmers no Future No Food" Sticker by AdelDa19 | Redbubble

Now question is why are the farmers in India protesting? And why does it need your attention now?

The Union Government introduced three Ordinances in June 2020:

  • The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation)
  • The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Ordinance.
  • The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Ordinances.

But the farmers want a roll back of these Ordinances. Here’s Why?

These Ordinances are designed to bring in the private players in agriculture sector and to provide additional private market setups for the farmers in addition to the Mandi System. Privatization will also result in doing away with the MSP (Minimum Support Price) guarantee that the farmers get now.

Farmers' march: 'Here for long haul' say farmers as they continue protest  at Singhu, Tikri border points

So, naturally, Farmers all across India had been protesting in their own states since then. However, no one cared. So, finally, last week, Indian farmers from the state of Punjab decided to take their protest to New Delhi the Indian Capital. But instead of having a safe journey to their own nation’s capital, they were met with numerous police barricades, water cannons, tear gas canisters, and even dug up and destroyed national highways by Government in order to halt their march to the Capital.

Alright! you pulled off that “Masterstroke”! But who are you did it against? The Farmer?!? The farmers can build trenches like these in the morning then fill them up and drive a road roller over it by the evening.

But despite all the obstacles they got to Delhi’s outskirts.. Millions and Millions of farmers from many states now (and many more on their way) swarmed all around Delhi! Meanwhile, the prime minister and home minister are campaigning for some small city-level elections in the south of India! The minister of agriculture has said they are open to talks but the farmers want all bills repealed before they will even consider talks!

You got the picture. extreme exploitation of an already poor farmer. Farmers protests so far have been amazingly peaceful and united. The farmers are camped out for miles on end on the roads approaching Delhi and have brought enough food with them on their trolleys to last them many months!! The mainstream Indian Media (bought by large political parties) is shining nothing but a negative light on the farmers protests so far from every angle possible!!

I feel like we are in this for long but I pray not…… I pray the government comes to its senses sooner rather than later!!


This Little Artist

There really is nothing like being a mother.

As a mother I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I forget things I lose my cool. Ans some days, I go a little crazy. But I guess it’s okay because in the end, no one could ever love my son the way I do.

Launch Pad

Anyway, my son, like just about every other preschooler, Loves LEGOS. They dominate his room and the rest of the house really. Have you ever stepped on one of those in bare feet? It’s hurts really bad!

LEGO’s Siren Head

Well, everytime we walk into the store. It’s the same thing. My little innovator with powerful imaginations. Can I buy a LEGO set? To increase his inventions, I always pay attentions to his interests and make these materials and activities available to him. This provided a great opportunity for us to bond and have fun.

Look at me Mommy! Watch!

There were imaging an adventure with all the brilliant things only a child’s mind can conjure.

I totally avoided the act of overparenting that dampens or even wipes out that innate ability. Loving him so much makes me want to learn more, and do more for him.

Love You Jaana!


Let Bygone Be Bygone

As I approach the twilight of my life, I also often remind myself “Be Here Now.” The main thing about any experience is the learning. It’s so important that we stop allowing our past to take up so much of our present and future. Because it exists only in your mind. It’s not real.

Like people say “The past maybe visited sometimes, but its definitely not a good place to live in. I feel it’s okay to be lost in regret or sadness of a past incident. That ‘s why we are humans, not God. Yeah, however make sure it’s TEMPORARY. It would be better if instead we try to heal ourselves in the present through family and friends.

Everyone of us has the ability to shift our thinking, shift our perspective; make new decisions that will forge a new direction in our lives. Don’t buy into the story that others may try to sell you,” Present Good, Past Bad.” That seems to me a victim mentality.

Inimical to this. I believe:

Let the Past Live!

Let the Present Live!

Let the Future Live!

They all run together. The past existed for a reason. If it still affects you, you might need to accept it and move on, rather than try to convince yourself it doesn’t matter. So in other words, acknowledge the past but not live in the past. What had happened at that time was bad, but do not be bad forever.

Overthinking will kill your peace. Pray and leave it in God’s hands.

Always embrace the new day!


You Have Got The Power!

I would tell my younger self to love myself. I didn’t love myself in my 20s or in my early 30s. Now in my mid 30s I have discovered self-love in life. A lot of women are very hard on themselves, they beat themselves upon a lot of things, that they shouldn’t.

This beautiful Rangoli is made by a housewife not any so called artist.

But baby you gotta put yourself first. The person who will never leave us, whom we will never lose , is ourself. Learning to love our female selves is where our search for love much begins. As woman sometimes we get into a habit of not putting ourselves first. And at times I even hear from other ladies that the idea of putting yourself first seems selfish. And there are women who live unhealthy lifestyle because they actually struggle to find time for themselves.

Being a ‘Good Girl’ can be exhausting, mentally draining and totally unnecessary. I strongly feel this is just another entrenched social norm that needs to break slowly. Just another stereotypical thinking that needs to go away. Over the long term, if you you ignore your own physical, emotional and financial needs you will burn out.

One of the ways to change this is by – Discussing for what you actually NEED. Many women find it hard to tell their family, partner, colleagues or friends what they really want. This reluctance may spring from unequal power dynamics or an unconscious belief that as woman your needs simply aren’t that important and can take a back seat now.

So make a list of things that would make your life easier or happier, whether it’s equalizing housework, a raise or a weekend with your girl friends, family. Then, share your needs in a straightforward, respectful tone- no apologies required.

So let’s get radical and start making self-care a priority!

Respect Your Efforts, Respect Yourself!


Mind Map of the Strong and Weak

One of my friends always active on social media. She hires a professional photographer along with her, no matter where they go or what they do, the whole family just looks beautiful and she’s always posting about how blessed she is. And I get the feeling that she’s not just saying those things for the sake of social media , but she truly means it. Anyhow while scrolling her life sometimes I feel depressed. I started passing judgments about her in any manner. We all do this, right? It’s hard not to do. But that way of thinking costs us something.

What our bad habits costs us?

Maybe you scrolled through your social media feed and you thought,” So what if I roll my eyes? It’s just five seconds of my time. How could it be hurting me?” Well, researchers have found that envying your friends on social media actually leads to depression.

Why do others have all the luck? This simple question is the main culprit. This way of thinking keeps you stuck, keeps you focused on the problem. We try to escape it by doing things like hosting a pity party; although it’s a temporary distraction, it just prolongs the pain.

There are three kinds of destructive beliefs that make us less effective and rob our mental strength:

  1. Unhealthy beliefs about ourselves.
  2. Unhealthy beliefs about others.
  3. Unhealthy beliefs about the world.

Knowing it and doing it, can be two different things. Our journey taught us that the secret to being mentally strong is that you have to give up your bad mental habits. Mental strength is a lot like physical strength. Always have hope that someday life could get better.

So, how do you give up those bad mental habits that you’ve carried around with you?

You need good habits like practicing gratitude. But you also have to give up bad habits, like resenting somebody else’s success. No matter how often that happens, it will hold you back. The only way to get through uncomfortable emotions, is you have to go through them. To let yourself feel sad and then move on. To gain confidence in your ability to deal with that discomfort. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Your world is what you make it. The believe that you can change it is the small step you have to take. Improvement on daily basis is our motto. Improve your unhealthy beliefs which are keeping you away from being as mentally strong.

Uplift yourself by the power of your mind. Don’t degrade yourself; you can only do so when you take charge over your mind. This will happen only when you stop playing blame game. Well, to be happy you need nothing. It’s just a choice that you are making.


Believe In Yourself

Asking this question, it’s very important question and that question is “Do You Believe In Yourself?” You must have seen that a lot of people say they believe but the reality is their actions. Don’t demonstrate it. It is reflected in your life choices and it is reflected in your behavior.

Today, I’m gonna relate this term “Believe In Yourself” with the “Law Of Attraction.”

The law of attraction says that whatever desires we have in our mind, however strong that desire is, it will be fulfilled sooner or later. Whether, it be a good desire or a bad one, whether, it be a positive or a negative.

Let’s look an example, Once an interviewer asked a candidate to choose between five easy questions or one tough question. The candidate chose one tough question. Then interviewer asked him which came into existence first chicken or egg. He said chicken. The interviewer said explain your answer. Immediately, he said you said only one tough question.

That’s how we learned, interview is not knowledge assessment but personality assessment. They don’t care whether you know the answer or not. They just want to know how you handle it, with what personality, with what confidence, with what situational brilliance do you handle an interview.

In fact, a confident ‘I don’t know’ the answer but if you want, I can find it; is the better answer rather than the incorrect answer. This is the power of “Believe In Yourself.” And the ladder of the belief are your desires, thinking, speaking and actions.

When we start becoming conscious about what we are saying, thinking and doing then it will be so easy to reflect upon how we go through a certain situations in our life. What happens when your mind starts becoming clean, clear? The whole world becomes like a mirror in front of you. It becomes like a reflection of your own self.

So, you start seeing people around you to be loving, to be caring, to be positive. Hence, you see that behavior in someone else as well. That is the law of attraction.

What we can do today, is to focus and try to catch those thoughts that we have in our mind. From there, we can try to improve on daily basis.

Keep Smiling 😊

Keep Shining 🔆

Keep moving and be unstoppable ✌


Peaceful Living

My life and all of our lives are filled with challenges that make it bit difficult to be peaceful sometimes. Peaceful living leads us to be creative thinker and smarter decision maker.

“Never be in hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”—Saint Francis

As far as I am concerned, peacefulness keeps me good-humored, spirited & friendly to others. Here I go, to demonstrate my panorama on peaceful living:

A formula that can be applied to any situation in life that I have learnt from Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.



The first thing is the moment you receive a consequence, Accept it. Whatever consequence is, first is Acceptance. Accept the unchangeable. Nothing can be done about it. It has to be accepted which means, the moment you accept it your peace is automatically protected. It is the power of Acceptance.

You know, why we get angry? Something is happening or something is about to happen; not the way I want it, that makes me angry. My non acceptance makes it anger, a negative emotion, but when i am able to accept it, it becomes tolerance. My acceptance makes it tolerance, a positive emotion. Like this, the chain of emotions going on & on & on.

If I confer about another emotion, Fear. Such as, I am scared of public speaking and meeting. Maybe that’s why I have started writing. Well, back to point, now question arises, when do you feel fear? Whenever you face uncertainty, you feel fear. That leads you to not to be adventurous or risk taker.

Because you don’t want to face any uncertainty, you will not take part in any adventurous sport or event. Infect in mode of context, nobody can be in business if you don’t want to face uncertainty. In realty in this modern world, doing business is a adventurous sport.

When I am facing uncertainty and I am not able to accept, it becomes fear for me and when I am able to accept, it becomes adventure. Furthermore, if someone hurts me and I am not able to accept, it becomes Hatred or if I accept, it becomes Forgiveness.

Something + non acceptance is Anger, a negative emotion.

Something + acceptance is Tolerance, a positive emotion.

Something + non acceptance is Fear, a negative emotion.

Something + acceptance is Adventure, a positive emotion.

The moment we turn our non acceptance into acceptance, in that very instance, negative emotion will become positive emotion.

Hatred becomes Forgiveness,

Jealousy becomes Inspiration,

Fear becomes Adventure,

Anger becomes Tolerance,

Negative becomes Positive

When you change, your life changes. If you being worried, will change something out there in the world then, it makes sense but the universal truth is worries don’t change anything. Executing acceptance is the only option.

“Radical acceptance is key to a peaceful life.”


Stay True To Yourself!

I Am Enough. And so you are.

Physical Benefits Develop healthier life habits like exercising, Mental Benefits Reduce anxiety and boost problem-solving skills, Emotional Benefits Increase resilience when faced with negativity


We think love is just something we give to others, we should remember that it’s also a gift we can give ourselves everyday! We spend so much of our energy cultivating healthy relationships and building up those we love. So why do so many of us not traet ourselves with the same love & care? BE GOOD TO YOURSELF.

Always be the best person you can be. Be kind even when you’re tired. Be understanding even when you’re angry. Give some advice to yourself instead of expecting it from someone else. Best advice for yourself:

  • Educate yourself – read, read, read.
  • Be healthy & look after your body.
  • Don’t wait for someone to love you, learn to love ‘YOURSELF’ first.
  • Save money – weekly, monthly, annually. It doesn’t matter how much. Just save!
  • When you mess up, make up for it the next moment or minute or day.
  • Do more than you’re asked & don’t ask for anything in return.
  • Be confident in your intentions and keep your eyes ahead instead of wasting your time on those who want to drag you back. Because you can’t change people’s views.
  • You have to believe that true change for yourself comes from within you, not from anyone else.

You’ll be okay!


Electronic Personal Diary Cum Blog

In my early teenage, i used to write a personal diary but later on i left it. Then in my younger age i had started writing again. That time i gave a name to my diary as ‘The diary of a Young Girl” which includes my middle childhood, adolescence and my early adulthood.

As a adult, it was a time for me when i was at my physiological peak. I was focusing on my future and putting a lot of energy into making choices that will help me to earn the status of a full adult in the eyes of others. Love and work were my primary concerns. The young are not afraid of telling the truth, so as with my ‘the diary of a young girl’. That was my shadow and one day i burnt it to enter my new life.

Et voila! I’m here again on my electronic personal diary cum blog. And why I’m here, so that i don’t burn it again. Well jokes apart, this time i want to connect with as many as people i can, to help them, create something beautiful, make mine and other peoples’ day more productive and better, to improve my writing ability, last but not the least to break out of my shell. For me it can a best place to collect my thoughts. Instead of paper, writing here is a great way for me to meet new, like minded people. Past joys and past mistakes, can all be learned from to some extent. So having somewhere to store those memories, can help me to see how far i’ve come and how much i’ve learned.