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Rejoice In Beauty

When you rejoice in the beauty, the entire creation rejoices with you. The mind or head knows only facts, while the heart makes everything big. There is no fact in the beauty. If you try to analyze beauty from your mind, the beauty is gone. Beauty is a language of the heart. The heart decorates,… Continue reading Rejoice In Beauty

We Can Control Our Mind!

Who is the creator of my thoughts — my mind. The mind is our powerful instrument. If we take care and live of awareness and choice then we control the mind. If we are unaware then we live an automated life and the mind starts controlling us. One of the two options will be true,… Continue reading We Can Control Our Mind!

Going Through Tough Times!

You just want to step out of it. Depression, frustration, anxiety, pain, disillusion. It’s just a natural part of the process of becoming a stronger version of ourselves. If somebody is going through tough times or struggling just to keep your head above water; you’re trying but things don’t seem to be quite working out… Continue reading Going Through Tough Times!

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