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Rejoice In Beauty

When you rejoice in the beauty, the entire creation rejoices with you.

The mind or head knows only facts, while the heart makes everything big. There is no fact in the beauty. If you try to analyze beauty from your mind, the beauty is gone. Beauty is a language of the heart. The heart decorates, elaborates, exaggerates it.

Rejoice in beauty

When you read a poem, sing a song, and describe something beautiful, it’s always from the heart. Quality comes from the head. From the heart comes only uniqueness, speciality.

If there is some negativity, we deal with it from the heart and if something positive, we say it goes to our head.

We exaggerate problems. If a mistake has been made or there is some suffering, some misery, we blow it up beyond its dimensions.

Many newspapers thrive on this exaggerated negativity, but they say, “Let’s see the facts” if something beautiful happens. They want to look at it from their head rather than through the heart.

We do the same thing, We need to switch it around. When you see the negative quality in someone, analyse it. Why is this person being so negative? What is behind? What does he/she want? Reason it out.

Don’t see negativity through the heart because then your heart becomes sore. Analysis of negativity brings compassion to you.

An exaggeration of some good brings waves of beauty to you.

You have to take a step to make this shift. If you see one beautiful quality in another person, decorate it, exaggerate it, make it big.

By exaggerating positive qualities we also become positive.

In act of praising, you become beautiful.

I learned this from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji.. (Art of Living)

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Be Your Own Superhero!

One of the reasons we’re so busy right now is because of the way the world is going right now and you know it could get into a depressing conversation but it’s the reality of what’s going on right now.

We have a lot of violence and we have a lot of anger in our society and we have a lot of random acts of violence happening. So to me, if there’s any time it’s the right time to start.

It’s today and you know I encourage people to whatever community they live in to do their research and find a school that’s not about breaking noses, that’s not about going and hurting others it’s about the like I told you before the mind-body and be your own superhero.

It’s that understanding of what you’re really here for. It is not just the punches and kicks. In fact, we learn martial arts we study hard and we hit each other and we share bruises. You know train hard to never have to use it.

So at this point, I think the most important thing is to learn how to defend yourself but on top of that as I stated before it’s all their different rewarding gifts that the martial arts a good program could benefit your life I mean all those things that we discussed with the confidence and the social skills.

I have a quick story to share with you all, which I heard from my trainer.  He had an adult that came to him. He’s probably in his mid-20s, if not his late 20s.  Our trainer always asks some questions to a new student.

What did you sign up for?

What do you want from me?

Basically, what are you here for?

What do you want from this program?

He said I need confidence. I’m not here to learn how to kick but I mean I’d like to learn how to defend myself, because I want this program to bring confidence within me. So that, I need to be able to hold myself differently at my job.

I’ve always been shy I’ve struggled with shyness. In my life, because of this shy nature I  cannot mix or interact with other people. Even I cannot interact properly with my parents and siblings. I have no friends. As such shyness made me unsocial. Other people found me self-centred and egoistic.

After searching the solution everywhere. I got to know about self-defence. It helps to improve ones’ self-confidence. Maybe training in the same strengthens me, it will help me to know myself. It will embed respect for myself in me.

Knowing that I have the ability to defend myself will give me the confidence and freedom to fully explore the world, meet new people and find new ways to engage with others. I’ll enjoy the freedom to its fullest. Additionally, it makes me fit and yeah it is cool.

So self-defence helps us somehow or another.

Women and young girls for several reasons can benefit from self-defence.

Every girl across the globe should learn to protect herself by getting herself prepare through self dense techniques. In this entire world, it becomes a necessity for one individual. Respecting each and every female is one honour and disrespecting or harming any female will harm you back.

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Being Human, Power of Learning

Power of Words and Actions

We all are made with our own unique strengths and abilities. Every day we make choices in how we interact with others. We make choices to see some people as friends and others as enemies. We won’t get the life we wish for, we get the life we work for. I am going to narrate a story regarding the ‘Power of Words and Actions’ it’s inspired by Gurbani- The holy book.

‘A proud lion sitting in the forest decided to go for a hunt. While roaming stealthily he spotted a flock of goats. As he pounced to grab one all the goats scattered; leaving only the mother goat to get caught. But just the lion was about the eat her, she began to laugh loudly. The lion was stunned. He asked the goat, “Why are you laughing when I’m about to eat you?” The goat replied: I pray that all my children become sterile so that no more goats may be born to suffer the way I am going to suffer. I’ve hurt no one in my life. I spend my day only eating wild plants and grass, and yet I am about to be skinned and eaten. I laugh when I think about your fate. What will happen to someone like you who grabs the throat of others and devours their flesh? The lion understood what the goat was saying.’

Well, when was the last time you killed someone? Killed someone’s spirit with your words, your actions, with what you chose to do to them, or not to do. To some, we show kindness, love, compassion and we go out of our way to make them happy, but then there are others to whom we are rude and unkind. We show arrogance and pride because we think that we’re better than them.

We all have a choice at every moment to act as the proud lion, to vicious, brutal and self-absorbed. Or we can be kind, thoughtful and considerate like the humble goat. Humility is not a characteristic that many people aspire to have. We’re taught by society that to succeed in life is to put yourself first.

The goat’s final message to the lion was that at the end of the day we’re all on this earth for a short while but when we’re both dead who’s actions will be remembered and respected? The deeds of the arrogant or the actions of the kind?