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Life Lessons I learned From The Holi : The Festival Of Colors!

Today across the whole of India. Even in other parts of the world. We are celebrating the festival of Holi. You might be reminded of so many memories of how you celebrated Holi every year. Meeting each other, splashing colours. Distributing sweets. Holi, a celebration of love and happiness is in the air. We would erase mutual differences.

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We would put an end to matters of the past. We would request each other not to feel bad because it’s Holi. But this year it is different. We are perhaps away from family and friends. We will not be able to meet. And we will certainly not be able to splash colours on each other.

It’s completely different this time. But often, such circumstances give us the time and chance. To contemplate. Whether the way we were celebrating this festival every year.

What did the festival intend to teach us?. Was the aim-objective of the festival was just that much -. Of burning the Holika? Of splashing colours on each other? distributing sweets?  Was this the aim-objective of the festival?. Or did it intend to bring about a certain newness, change, or transformation within us?. It’s important to introspect today.


On Holika, we light up a pyre. And offer many things into that fire. What does it signify? Holika is burnt at night. Night means the ‘night-time’ of this world. The world refers to our inner soul.

The power of meditation. And into that fire let us offer our weaknesses, matters from the past, pain, and wrong habits.  So we need to burn and finish everything that is not right for us, isn’t it?. This all happens through the power of meditation. Any habit that we want to give up. Any old belief system. Which had tied us into limitations. We can finish all those matters today.

That is the true meaning of burning the Holika. And when we finish those weaknesses, old habits, comfort zones, wrong habits, and past matters. And with the power of meditation when we connect with God. We receive love, power and knowledge from God. Then the original qualities inherently present within us. What are those colours?. Purity, love, peace. Happiness, bliss, wisdom. All of these are our original colours.

This means these are our original Sacraments. They are our original nature. But we had forgotten our original Sacraments. And we believed that anger, jealousy. Which are negative Sacraments. We believed those to be our Sacraments. When we connect to God during meditation. We sacrifice or offer our weaknesses.

Then our original colours which mean our original Sacraments. They emerge and, of course, the colours that we have with us. Those are the colours that we can apply on others, isn’t it?. When the colours of purity, power, love, and happiness. Compassion, acceptance. When these qualities emerge within us.

Then the people who come into interaction with us. We will apply those colours to that person. With our vibrations, words, and behaviour. Those colours will get applied to other people (by us). The other person will apply the colours that he has, on us.

Today we need to finalise one thing. The other person carries his Sacraments. We shall not become judgemental of whether they are right or wrong. Because being judgemental is not a nice colour. Being critical about someone is not a nice colour. When we think wrong about someone. We believe we are right because they indeed are like that. So we feel our thoughts about them are bound to be that way.

We are not to see the colours that they have. What is the colour I have, which means what is my Sacrament?. The pure, divine Sacrament that I have with me. We need to apply these colours to them. We need to pay attention. Generally what we pay attention to, during Holi is -. Other people must not be able to splash colours on me, but I should splash colours on them.

Although everyone is splashing colours on each other. Yet, our goal is. That I should splash colours on other people.. We need to pay the same attention even in life.

First of all, the colour of understanding. Understanding means get into the mind of the other person to know why they are that way.

What could the other person be thinking?

For him to have spoken that way?

For him to have behaved that way?

What could be troubling him?

Why could he have been jealous? We need to understand their state of mind.

This means we need to understand what colours(thoughts) they have. And most importantly, we should not apply those colours(thoughts) to our state of mind. We need to use the colours that we inherently have. Because we have already burnt Holika. This means we have already burnt and finished our negativity and weaknesses. And we have emerged the purity within us.

So we need to always keep our positivity ready to use. Holi festival is a celebration of the victory of good over evil.


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