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Electronic Personal Diary Cum Blog

In my early teenage, I used to write a personal diary but later on, I left it. Then at my younger age, I had started writing again. That time I gave a name to my diary as ‘The diary of a Young Girl” which includes my middle childhood, adolescence and my early adulthood.

As an adult, it was a time for me when I was at my physiological peak. I was focusing on my future and putting a lot of energy into making choices that will help me to earn the status of a full adult in the eyes of others. Love and work were my primary concerns. The young are not afraid of telling the truth, so as with my ‘the diary of a young girl. That was my shadow and one day I burnt it to enter my new life.

Et voila! I’m here again on my electronic personal diary cum blog. And why I’m here so that I don’t burn it again. Well jokes apart, this time I want to connect with as many as people I can, to help them, create something beautiful, make mine and other peoples’ day more productive and better, to improve my writing ability, last but not the least to break out of my shell. For me, it can the best place to collect my thoughts. Instead of paper, writing here is a great way for me to meet new, like-minded people. Past joys and past mistakes, can all be learned from to some extent. So having somewhere to store those memories, can help me to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned.